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# Securities/Shares in


Following a re-organisation of its capital in February 2016 the Company has an authorised share capital of

£4 million pounds, comprising ordinary shares of 1 pence nominal value.

The number of ordinary shares of 1 pence in issue is 13,330,306.

No shares are held in Treasury.

The percentage of securities not in public hands is 71.98% (19 May 2017)



Director’s Interests

Ordinary shares of 5 pence

19 May 2017


Significant Shareholdings

On 19 May 2017 the Company is aware of the following interests in the ordinary share capital of the Company in excess of 3%

Name of Holder                                                    Number           %

1. PERSHING NOMINEES LIMITED  Des: SHCLT                                    4,149,608            31.13

2. PERSHING NOMINEES LIMITED  Des: DJCLT                                     3,204,300            24.04

3. THE BANK OF NEW YORK (NOMINEES) LIMITED                             2,500,000            18.75

4. BREWIN NOMINEES LIMITED     Des:GROSS                                      575,250             4.32

5. HSBC GLOBAL CUSTODY NOMINEE (UK) LIMITED Des:982409              500,000             3.75


Director               Beneficial              Non-Beneficial

Lynn Bruce                                Ni                                             Nil

John Le Poidevin                         Nil                                            Nil

Simon Clements                         Nil                                            Nil

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